JDI's Mini-Switch Mode® ceramic capacitors combine the advantages of high capacitance found in tantalum capacitors with very low ESR performance of ceramic capacitors. The "J" and "L" lead configurations replace 1825 and 2225 SMT chips to provide stress relief and prevent cracking due to thermal cycling or mechanical board flexing. Another plus of the J-lead style is that this configuration allows use of the same solder lands as the SMT chips. See the Switch-Mode section for larger values. See also the Technical Notes on soldering and handling and suggested solder lands.

Key Features:
  • Stress Relief from Cracking due to Thermal Cycling, TCE Mismatches or Board Flexing
  • 25 to 500 VDC Ratings
  • Custom Sizes, Voltages, and Values Available
  • Ideal for DC-DC Power Supply Applications
General Specifications
  • Case Sizes: 0.28" x 0.27"
  • Rated Voltage: 25 - 500 V
  • Dielectrics Type: X7R
  • Capacitance Range: 0.1 μF - 8.2μF
Mini-Switchmode Capacitors
Capacitance and Voltage Selection
Size CodeEIA Chip SizeNP0 Max Capacitance (μF)X7R Max Capacitance (μF)
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions Applicable to specific sizes:P08 and P09 Mini-SwitchmodeP28 and P29 Mini-SwitchmodeP38 and P39 Mini-SwitchmodeP48 and P49  Mini-Switchmode
h ± .010.0701.78
c Typ..1002.54
p ± .015.0651.65
Dimensions Applicable to specific sizes:P08P09P28P29P38P39P48P49
L max.2807.
W max.2706.860.276.860.276.860.276.860.276.860.276.860.276.860.276.86
T max0.952.410.0952.410.194.830.194.830.2857.240.2857.240.389.650.389.65
Note: J-Lead and L-Lead options are available on all sizes above
Electrical Specifications
TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT:-55 to 125°0 ± 15%0 ± 30ppm/°C
DISSIPATION FACTOR:1kHz, 25°C2.5% max0.1% max
AGING RATE:% per decade hour2.5%none
INSULATION RESISTANCE: 1000⟨F or 100G⟨, whichever is less at rated WVDC, 25°C
DIELECTRIC STRENGTH:For 500V Ratings          750VDC, 25°C, 50mA max
For 200V Ratings          2xWVDC, 25°C, 50mA max
For 25-100V Ratings     2.5xWVDC, 25°C, 50mA max
CAP & D.F. MEASUREMENTS:1kHz ±50Hz; 1.0±0.2 VRMS, 25°C
NP0 graph for Mini switchmode capacitor
X7R graph for Mini switchmode capacitor
How to Order Mini-Switchmode part number breakdown